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Music Minute: “Rainbow Connection” – Debbie Harry and Kermit

Over 20 years ago, Debbie Harry made a solo appearance on Jim Henson’s, “The Muppets Show”.  Taking on comedy sketches and a duo of ‘Blondie’s’ hits, the blonde siren shined amongst the motley crew of green boy scout muppets.   Truly sensational, sandwiched in a season of star hosts, the like of Diana Ross and Paul Simon, the new wave rocker let her hair down and had a lot of fun in Episode 509 of “The Muppet Show” in 1980.

We proudly bring you a clip of Ms Harry performing “Rainbow Connection”, one of the most iconic Muppet anthems, with the one and only, Kermit the Frog.  The Bombshell plays down any knowledge of knowing Kermit’s famed song, until the two come together for a beautiful rendition of “Rainbow Connection”.

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Music Minute: Raquel Welch Does Spider Dance.

From a 1970s episode of The Muppets Show, we’ve stumbled onto this clip of the ever so sexy Raquel Welch doing a great choreographed dance number with one of Jim Henson’s more creepy-crawly creations…

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Enjoy.
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Commercial Break: Since when was Kermit White??

Before Kermit was green, America was still seeing in black and white! Check out this collection of Wilkins Coffee Commercials that may mark the beginning of the worlds love for Jim Hensons‘ Muppets. From 1957 to 1961, Henson made 179 commercials for the company.

Very humble beginnings for the great Mr. Henson. We wonder if he had any clue what he would go on to achieve. Shout out to Pickachu4352 for the vid.

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