NEW ADDITIONS TO THE {SHOP} circa. Feb, 2016 !

We are pleased to announce some new additions to the {SHOP}. Had a lovely lady already inquiring about the YSL Rive Gauche Paris 90s black velvet pleated trousers, so get these finds while they are hot! We were feeling moody opulent vibes. It's always a secret society gathering one way or another here at The…Read more NEW ADDITIONS TO THE {SHOP} circa. Feb, 2016 !


So, as you know, we are obsessed with vintage, but we all have our wishes, and if we weren't without a budget we'd splurge on any number of these amazing treasures! Some are vintage, some are new, some are totally unattainable, but one can still wish. . . I think it reveals a bit of…Read more E.O.F. XMAS WISHLIST!