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Come Check Us Out At The Junction Flea This Month!


As has been the tradition of our second Sundays of every month, so should yours!

I know you party cats love to sleep until noon (or two) after a long night of partying, but if you can make it out, it definitely will be worth it! Plus, you never know what you might find! Apart from our selection of finds, there are dozens of different vendors to choose from, all of whom bring to the table some of the most unique and cool finds you are to find in the city.

Thanks to Micah Lenehan at Russet & Empire, and Paul Mercer at Smash, the Junction Flea keeps on strong month after month giving the city a munch needed dose of vintage, with all the attitude from our side of the tracks. We always have a ton of fun, and its the only place in the city you can get your palm read, eat handmade dumplings, invest in a burlesque costume, buy exquisite handmade jewelry, look for that new old work of art for above the fireplace, and find wicked hand-picked favourites for your wardrobe all in one place! You gotta check it!

This month’s Flea is being held at THE GREAT HALL at Queen & Dovercourt from 10A-5P, and Admission is 5 BONES*


+Check out the site for more info+

Anyways, we hope to see you there!

Until next time,


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MONDAY {MUSIC MINUTE}: “Dance of the Knights” by Prokofiev

Monday Music Minute - Dance of the Knights - Prokofiev

This piece from the 1930s, entitled “Dance of the Knights”, is a piece from Prokofiev’s score for a ballet version of Shakespeare’s famous work “Romeo + Juliet”. The piece has since been used hundreds of times over in film, television, fashion, and music. Bands including The Smiths, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Tears for Fears, and Muse have used the piece as their walk on music.

It was also famously used in the 1990 commercial for Chanel’s perfume, Egoiste, to great acclaim.

The music perfectly captures the mood of strong, handsome, and powerful men taking on the world. The piece is a little dark and moody; tough, but elegant – we thought it was the perfect piece to kick off the week, for everyone! So here goes.

This is Prokofiev’s “Dace of the Knights!

Would make a great song to listen to as you storm the sidewalks, and the tell the world who’s boss. . .

Hope you Enjoy!




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Commercial Break: I Married A Witch (1942)

Well well well, Halloweens nearly here.  Just around the corner!  And we feel as if we cannot get ahead on posting all the spooky ghoulish goodies that we’d love to bring to our readers.  Today we renounce the horror of Halloween and reflect on a time back in the 1940s, we know our retro readers will enjoy.

Starring a vivacious Veronica Lake as Jennifer, a 15th century Witch, brought into the present time with her father Daniel.  Both were imprisoned in a tree until a bolt of lightning freed the pair.  In an effort to exact revenge, Jennifer sets out in a diabolical plan to find the ancestors of the bigots who burnt her and her father centuries before.

High-jinks ensue in this romantic comedy, as Jennifer tracks down the puritan Jonathan Wooley (played by Fredric March), who is unhappily engaged at present.  The ambitious witch crafts a plan to steal and marry the man,  but the only way she can entice him to her eccentric ways is by using a Love Potion.

Tensions mounted on the set, and Lake had a rebellious steak.  Making a reputation for herself as being difficult to work with, sneaking weight’s under her dress when March was scripted to effortlessly carry her away.  And antics such as wedging her heel into the leading actors foot off camera to throw off her co-star.  Lake would fade into obscurity as the pictures evolved in the coming years, leaving behind a legacy of luscious side swept blonde hair, and a notorious attitude of a true Witch.

{The Eye of Faith}
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Music Minute: If I Had A Hammer – Peter, Paul and Mary (1963)

August 28th, 1963; Peter, Paul and Mary perform at the Civil Rights March on Washington.  A beyond historic moment, and quite the melody to ring out Freedom.

“If we had a hammer, we would want to hammer out danger, we’d hammer out a warning, we’d hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters, All over this land.”


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