{STYLE WISE} Invoking Jim Morrison . . .

For the last while we've been a little obsessed, or encouraged, by Jim Morrison's ghost. You cannot deny this guy has style. Ever since the teenage years (weird to say), there's been a fascination with this bit of a God. An idol in all respects...I had one of my very first writing gigs doing a…Read more {STYLE WISE} Invoking Jim Morrison . . .


Enjoy this {STYLE STORY} offering  from THE EYE OF FAITH! A journey that started at night, this is a tale of wandering; wandering thoughts, wandering hearts, and wandering souls. The city can bring together strangers, while it can also tear those closest apart. Amongst the storefronts, sidewalks, lane ways, and hidden passages - you are…Read more {STYLE STORY} E.O.F. Presents “DAZE OF BEING WILD”

E.O.F.Snapshot of the Day {February 12, 2013}

+ "Flipping Out" ft. Lydia M. Check out the rest of this e.o.f. original {style-story} here. photograph by Aaron Duarte. + Hold it together! Just for this one day . . . Sincerely, {theEye} + Similar Stories: