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Undeniable. Always beautiful, Lanier Smith always conjures memories as if they were happening before your eyes….this anecdote of Marilyn Monroe, the spell of Hollywood, and the death of our idols simply caught {theEye}.

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When Clark Gable, my mothers childhood idol died in 1961 I saw my mother cry for the first time…and I didn’t understand why. A year later I understood.

(little me)

Early on the Sunday Morning of August 5 1962 I was sitting at the breakfast table eating a bowl of Trix.  With Motion Picture magazine open before me, I was reading all about the adventures of Liz and Dick in Rome. That summer I was so engrossed in the incredible drama and getting a real education at twelve all about morals and Hollywood, and how mean the ladies on my block could be about a divorcee. Liz and my Mother were the most famous divorced women that anyone on my block knew of. Between them they kept the hens of Orchid Street clucking and pecking for hours.  Suddenly in a crackly transistor radio second  Shelly Fabares’ Johnny Angel was cut off by the announcer. “Actress Marilyn Monroe was…

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Liz Taylor, in the {plaster} FLESH!

Scents Memory is a fantastic blog we frequent, and is completely one-of-a-kind in it’s story. At Scents Memory you will find eloquent and dream-like fantasy descriptions of the world’s most luxurious and fantastic fragrances for men – a topic that is becoming more and more popular on the front of the men’s fashion scene these days.

If you’re wondering what kind of cologne might suit you, visit Scents Memory and indulge in tales of movie stars, travels, legends, and memory. {theEye} has it’s eye set on a bottle of KNIZE 10 – the favourite cologne to stars like James Dean and Marlene Dietrich for its unique qualities.

“This old school classic is anything but old. It is vibrant and modern in the most wonderful and unique way. And it is a pro at projecting with fine silage that garners some attention.  Mature is the order of the day with Knize 10, it is not for little boys to pay with matches like these. They could start a fire that is too hot to handle.”

{Lanier Smith, Scents Memory}

You might remember one of our latest E.O.F. Snapshots of the Day featuring Angie Dickinson against a fantastical wall of plaster life masks of some of Hollywood’s biggest legends.

One legend in particular caught the eye of Lanier Smith, the man behind the words at Scents Memory – that of the iconic Liz Taylor. Lanier was kind enough to share with us the photos he has of his copy of the exact same life mask seen in this photo!

The Eye of Faith is proud to share them with you here!

“When people say, ‘She’s got everything’, I’ve got one answer – I haven’t had tomorrow.”

+Elizabeth Taylor+

What a fine and rare treasure, indeed. The plaster cast was painted gold for an ultra decadent and glamorous touch. She look so peaceful in that moment…

This is just a small taste of what Lanier Smith has to offer, and by the word of {theEye}, you will not regret taking a visit to Scents Memory. Like we said, it is a truly one-of-a-kind experience on the web; a sensitive and thoughtful look at what the world has to offer a man, and the journeys he can take simply through the scent of his cologne.

Pretty simple, but pretty profound. Thanks Lanier and Scents Memory for sharing!



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