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Music Minute: Lana Del Rey Covers “Blue Velvet”

Check out the wicked video for Lana Del Rey‘s cover of “Blue Velvet” directed by creative savant Johan Renck ( the Swedish director who we featured several months ago for his work with Perrier).

Her cover, and beautiful time traveling self, can be seen and heard in the latest commercials for H&M which feature a very David Lynchian vibe…triplets, midgets, curtained rooms…looks like a whole new generation of soldiers will soon be fighting the good fight.

Just sit back and enjoy this…let the music wrap your mind in melody….

Thanks Lana…(who me?)





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Go all night, with the Stripe!

A trend as old as time. Word as old as rhyme. Stripe-tacular Style Stars! This is a second installation of pictures with a bunch of men who love wearing the ever effervescent stripe! We are in a tizzy seeing all of these old pic’s of some of Rock n’ Roll’s icons wearing the coolest clothes around! Always inspiring, never shying away from scrutiny, in the 60s and 70s times were bold so nobody cared how crazy they dressed! Everything and anything was cool! It sure seem’s like the carefree days are back… maybe it’s 2012 but we are seeing a lot of bold fashion out there. So whether we live or die; who gives a damn. We think you should just wear whatever the heck you want. Pinstripe, thick, thin, up, or down, all around, if you wear a stripe you can go all night!

Whether it’s a sleeve or pant leg, there is something bold happening on runways lately from Paris to Milan. Globally, a bold stripe is going further than it has in a long time! For too long, the subtle seersucker has been the epitome of casual chicness. Not, the thicker the better. Stripes are seriously taking over menswear!

Hopefully you guys can track down some kind of stripe that will suit you! Maybe it’s your grandfathers coat, or something you’ll pay way too much for from a designer shop, whatever works! You just cannot fail. People will appreciate your bold decision before anyone tries to lock you up! Besides, never fear. For the Eye is here! Even if the world outside is grim, we’ll help the sunshine in.

The Eye.

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For ‘Black and White’ Boys only.

The Eye.

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