PHOTO BLAST!!! Time Traveller’s Academy {Vintage Style Inspiration}

The question of time travel is a query as old as time itself. And while science struggles to bring to the forefront the pure mechanics of it all, lucky individuals throughout the centuries have inexplicably found themselves doing the time warp. Indeed, countless stories of men and women lost between the vortex of the past,…

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {June 21, 2013}

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E.OF. Snapshot of the Day {June 20, 2013}

+Ride On Into Eternity, Brothers. Sail Us To The Horizon.+ I might never come back . . .  + “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” + Until next time, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter + + +++ {theEye} +++ + Similar Stories:

{Snapshot Gallery} Vintage 1950s Frat Fun Madness

Some outrageous vintage summer memories from the mud fields of a mysterious 1950s American University Fraternity . . . Bad boys and leaders. Rebels in all of us. After you guys are done in the mud, make sure to head over to the {SHOP} to grab yourself a new outfit! But first, hit the showers!!!…

Music Minute: Billy Fury – “A Wondrous Place” (1960 Recording)

This artist we’re bringing to you today has a wondrous sensibility to style and passion, cultivating his own hip pulse alongside Elvis himself.  Rockabilly style sensationalism must be in the air, because we’re tripping off of this pretty-boys badass look. Born 1940 to the name Ronald William Wycherley in Liverpool, England, where winning a talent show…