Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti ( 17 January 1933 – 3 May 1987) better known as Dalida (داليدا‎) +Before Beyonce there was Dalida.+ This exotic beauty of Italian descent and born in Cairo, Egypt rose to international fame throughout the 1960s and all the way to her suicide in the 1980s. A suicide over a broken heart…Read more {MUSIC MINUTE} “GIGI IN PARADISCO” by +DALIDA+

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {May 2, 2016}

+++Vampira Look - a- Like Competition+++ Hollywood, California {circa. 1950s} + +++++ + + + + Read more about Vampira (actress Maila Nurmi) + + + + an original E.O.F. STYLE DIVINITY +READ AT YOUR OWN RISK+ {images may conjure inspiration} ++++ + Unti we meet again, {theEye} + [UPDATED PRICES IN THE {SHOP} - use…Read more E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {May 2, 2016}

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {September 16, 2013}

This dancing class has mad style! Check out those jeans...fringed pants, too! The couple in the background is pretty fly, themselves . . . I'm always down for a cravat and dark brow-line glasses. That black shirt is hot- the kind of stuff girls go crazy for at American Apparel. I think I'll definitely be…Read more E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {September 16, 2013}

City and Coloured Kids!

Style stars are driven by ambition and rebellion! Youth of today surely embrace the idea of standing out, we say "Kudo's Kids!". We here at E.O.F. love the twist of a turban, or the pop of a feather with a fedora but nothing compares to somebody pulling off neon hair! A style we've talked about…Read more City and Coloured Kids!