{PHOTOBLAST} Styled To Rock ! [Vintage Style Inspiration]

Whether today, sixty years ago, or seventy-five from now, we will always have the need to look good, and put ourselves together in a way that says 'this is me'. It's our suit; our armor that lets the world know we mean business. No matter the day for us, we always like to set the…Read more {PHOTOBLAST} Styled To Rock ! [Vintage Style Inspiration]

{DISCOVERED} Bathing in Brighton: Vintage Memories and Musings

Who are the  dapper gents in top hats and scandalous bathing shorts? None other than some of the original members of The Brighton Swimming Club. This photo was taken circa 1863 by photographer Benjamin Botham. Seems like the boys of Brighton have been stirring up a lot of conversation on the net, which seems quite…Read more {DISCOVERED} Bathing in Brighton: Vintage Memories and Musings


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E.O.F. SNAPSHOT OF THE DAY {May 24, 2013}

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{style-wise} Gatsby Le Magnificent . . .

We thought it would be cool to refresh all our memories with some of the classic looks from the iconic 1974 film that won an Academy Award for Costume Design by the legendary Theoni V. Alredge, whose costumes are some of the finest ever seen in a film to this day. The film starred Mia…Read more {style-wise} Gatsby Le Magnificent . . .

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {March 18, 2013}

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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {August 24, 2012}

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{STYLE WISE} – The Boys of Summer, Part 1

Don't know where you are, but here in Toronto the heat has been steadily on the incline. Seems like we're experiencing a bit of a heat wave, which definitely isn't the worst thing. After all, we could be getting whipped in the face by clawing cold winds! Not cool. Not in the least. Apart from…Read more {STYLE WISE} – The Boys of Summer, Part 1