STYLE {WISE} – Suddenly Seeking Sweater Girls

{Natassja Kinski in Paris, Texas (1984)} [Photo Source: PICCSY] Lovely ladies, it seems we’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. It’s not by accident, for we have been meditating on many thoughts as of late about our many loves and desires when it comes to female fashions. In true E.O.F. Style we stepped back…

Lovely Lydia {Vintage Style Inspiration}

You might remember the outrageously gorgeous Lydia from our Style Story “Daze of Being Wild“, and here’s some shots from a private session we were able to do together! Lydia is a great friend to The Eye of Faith, and what we caught was beyond magic! We took disparate vintage finds and created an outfit…

New Stuff in the {SHOP} – Wild Dance in a Graveyard!

Hello friends, fans, and followers! Remember this lovely lady? We go way back . . . We have plenty of new and exciting vintage finds in the {SHOP} and we are excited to share some of them with you here! Lots of perfect finds for a wild dance in a graveyard! +   ALL AVAILABLE…

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {February 18, 2013}

{Paul H + Lydia M – Lost Scene Stills From a Film – Original Photograph by Aaron Duarte (2012) } It’s just that Daze of Being Wild . . . Check out our original editorials for more vintage musings come to life. Rock stars, rebels, bad boys, and bad girls; devils, demons, ghosts, and prophets {e.o.f….

E.O.F.Snapshot of the Day {February 12, 2013}

+ “Flipping Out” ft. Lydia M. Check out the rest of this e.o.f. original {style-story} here. photograph by Aaron Duarte. + Hold it together! Just for this one day . . . Sincerely, {theEye} + Similar Stories: