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Music Minute: “Feel Flows” by The Beach Boys

“Feel Flows” all day and night long with this track from The Beach Boys…

Every time it plays, we like to let the waves take over and go for the ride. Their smooth harmony is definitely the secret remedy to all your cares and worries.

Released in 1971 with their album Surf’s Up, the song was featured in the 1972 surf documentary “5 Summer Stories”, which would lead to the second-coming of the Surf Movie (The first being the ever iconic “Endless Summer” whose poster has become an ever popular go-to graphic). Many fans consider it “one of the best surf films ever made”.

Here’s a short Prologue for the film provided by The Surf Shop!

The Surf-Film genre is still an ever-popular genre today, with a quickly growing audience that loves to embrace the tide, the beauty of nature, and above-all adventure! In fact, the influence of nostalgia for surfing day past can be seen in many of the industry’s top brand names.

Who can blame them? The allure of water and the ocean is about as old as time itself. Not to mention, it’s a great way to play off of time-tested classics, and create something new!

Band of Outsiders

Alexander McQueen


God of the Surf - Galveston - Vintage Photograph - The Eye of Faith {SHOP}

{DETAIL} GOD OF THE SURF – Galveston, Teas [circa. 1970s]

8 x 10 , Original Vintage Photograph

Unknown Photographer.





The Eye of Faith {SHOP} Online Vintage from Toronto


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Commercial Break: Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971)

Starring Zohra Lampert and directed by John D. Hancock, this B-Movie from 1971 will have you questioning your own sanity!  Small town horrors ensue a group of friends passing through a curiously creepy small town.  We highly recommend.

{The Eye}

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Commercial Break: Swamp Girl (1971)

From out of the waters comes a film different than any others from its time.  Full of relative unknowns, this adventure is the story of a young girl who was abandoned as a child in the swamp by her parents as a child, and was raised by a black man she calls “Pa”.  The Young blonde women takes it onto herself to defend her swamp and everything living there!

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Commercial Break: The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio (1971)

We were thrilled to stumble upon this version of the classic tale of Pinoccio. From 1971, directed by Corey Allen, comes an erotic retelling of this beloved fable. Starring the ever sexy Dyanne Throne as the buxom fairy godmother and fresh faced Alex Roman as the title character, the man made of wood! And boy, is there a lot of WOOD!

Many scenes aren’t viewable for the Youtube audience due to the erotic nature of this film, but we LOVE the farcical sexualized quality of this whole flick! Campy, hot hot hot, and real cool, check it out!

The Eye.

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