hush, hush, i thought i heard callin’my name now . . . 

DEEP PURPLE was/is a progressive psych-rock band formed in 1968 in the small English town of Hertford, and are now regarded as essential members of the  “unholy trinity of British hard rock and heavy metal in the early to mid-seventies”.

Here’s a groovy track that was recently featured in Quentin Tarantino’s vintage horn of plenty “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” as notorious film director Roman Polanski and his gorgeous starlet wife Sharon Tate cruise through the Hollywood Hills on their way to a party at the Playboy Mansion!

Beautiful cool mood in their sweet 60s party gear, including ruffles for Roman and an insane snakeskin trench(provided by the incredibly immersive costume design of the great Arianne Phillips @ariannephillips), a slick convertible, and Margot Robbie’s beautiful blonde hair blowing the whipping wind, and this wicked track  . . . HUSH.

Was delighted to find this wicked clip of DEEP PURPLE performing this number live on Playboy After Dark; Hugh Hefner’s second syndicated television series. The show involved cocktails, rock n roll, famous guests, playmates, and plenty of swinging styles of the time . The show ran from 1969 – 1970 and was taped at CBS Television City in HOLLYWOOD, Los Angeles.

Hope you enjoy this flavour. . . check out Hugh trying out the electric guitar – absolutely priceless!

What an era! Some say all this died with the death of Sharon Tate that fateful summer, but I think its safe to say the mood and memories live on.

Lest we forget.

Until next time,



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