The Apocalypse is among us!

If we don’t act fast, all this might be gone before we know it. All this being the utopian forum that is the internet as we currently know it. A place that has changed the world so rapidly, and so fast. A place where almost all knowledge is at our fingertips.

In our lifetime the internet has changed so very much from its humble beginnings, and has given back so much to humanity since. It has inspired revolutions, and has given way to a whole new class of millionaires and billionaires who have been able to harness the internet in ways unimaginable to our ancestors before us. It has shaped industries, and even killed off some in the process.

I know for us, it has opened up a cornucopia of opportunities we would have never imagined for ourselves growing up. It is the source of much of our income, and has allowed us to communicate with like-minded people all over the world.

Perhaps all this power is too much for some people to handle, because there are talks of limiting free voices on the internet in favour of big-money. Now, we could be faced with the 1% taking control of the internet along with everything else. It would be the apocalypse of the internet, as we know it.

Corporations in the US and EU will be given control over what we see and limit, if not extinguish, the voice of the independents. This must be stopped. If millions of us can speak up, then perhaps we can put a stop to the abolition of freedom on the internet!


SIGN THE PETITION NOW TO STOP THE TAKE OVER OF THE INTERNET (the world’s only true forum of freedom)!


Don’t stop believing.

Until next time,



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