We’ll help hammer out injustice all over the world with our view here at The Eye of Faith. Take a look at this blast from our past to 1963. The Civil Rights March.

The Eye of Faith Vintage

August 28th, 1963; Peter, Paul and Mary perform at the Civil Rights March on Washington.  A beyond historic moment, and quite the melody to ring out Freedom.

“If we had a hammer, we would want to hammer out danger, we’d hammer out a warning, we’d hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters, All over this land.”


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  1. All life sends out vibrations, either bad or good. Even thoughts. As soon as you feel off track and negative, shift your thinking, and do some mantra awakening exercises. One good one is ‘mountainmystic9’ on youtube. The awakening has begun.


  2. This group and others, in those days, began the movement. Now a totally new era begins. Those who awaken will know it, and it will bring peace. And you will be compelled to spread the word. The Light will lead you. It is right over your head, and you will know how to use your third eye. Just Believe.


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