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THE X-FILES IS BACK!!! PLUS: Circa. 1995 X-FILES Teen Novels!

That’s right kiddos…everyone’s favourite mystery solving duo is back today with all new episodes! So happy they brought this back. It was awesome to get the revamp last year, but the season was rather short (only 6 episodes), so this 11th season will undoubtedly add something special to the X-Files canon.

[ SIDENOTE: X-FILES Promo Shots are legit THE BEST]

11 is our lucky number so we have FAITH that Chris Carter and his team will be creating something for fans to remember with this one. . .

The Season 11 premier airs at 8/7 C from FOX.

In honour of the premiere, we wanted to showcase these two beauties we found straight from the depths of 1995!


The X-FILES in teen novel form; the first and second books.

#1 X MARKS THE SPOT by Les Martin // #2 DARKNESS FALLS by Les Martin

Published by Harper Entertainment

Certified 90s Pop Culture Realness! Easy Fun Reading . . .

You only wish you could go to your bookstore and find this!



MULDER: Sometimes the only sane answer to an insane world is insanity…


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Because the Sky is Blue it Makes Me Cry!!! ‘VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS’ TRAILER {Luc Besson, Supermodels, and Rihanna OH MY!}


Luc Besson,
and Rihanna


In case you didn’t know, trailers have been dropping for Luc Besson‘s latest visual masterpiece “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” which stars burgeoning stars Dean DaHanne and the supermodel who continues to break the mould (as well as continually be a major bad ass)- Ms. Cara Delevingne.

Based on the French comic series first published in 1967 and reappearing again in 2010, Valérian and Laureline ; the trailer is full of astounding moments that dazzle the eyes (that PALETTE, though?!) and are all the more amplified by the surge of emotions provided by the addition of the very first original recording by the Beatles to ever appear in a movie trailer!

Sounds like a big feat, but apparently all it took was for Luc Besson to ask Paul McCartney himself.

I just asked! We reached out to Paul McCartney, and he asked, ‘What is the film?’ and then he said yes! I never met him – I wish I could, to thank him. From what I heard, he’s seen a couple of my films…There is a vibe that I think, from what I heard, made him say, ‘For this one, because it’s at least new and fresh.’ So I think that he likes that. He likes to be part of something new.” {source}

{Read More} The Beatles’ ‘Because’ Featured in First ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ Trailer

While the French director certainly isn’t a stranger to the genre of science fiction, count on today’s advances in technology breaking the walls down for true aesthetic mastery, much the same way he did years ago with the stellar 90s masterpiece “THE FIFTH ELEMENT“!

I mean, who can forget that DIVA MOMENT!!! 

{watch the full version here}

OH, and have you spotted HER yet?

According to most conspiracy websites, the Queen of Witches herself: RI RI , GOOD GIRL GONE BAD , MISS SUNSHINE . . . RIHANNA where you at?

Well, if you’re asking yourself that question, here’s the second teaser to drop this week to get another look!

Alright, if you haven’t spotted it yet, lets post our own little teaser below, just because . . .


Only Luc Besson could pull of making this film, and we can’t wait for it to land in theatres July 21!

We were super inspired, as always, by the style and look of this film – most particularly that super rad vintage Hawaiian graphic shirt that Dean DaHaan sports in the film! Are we not always saying that a wicked wild graphic shirt is absolutely timelessly cool?!

{READ MORE} +THE CASE FOR HAWAIIAN SHIRTS+ by The Eye of Faith {Vintage}

I guess it really wouldn’t be the first time I’ve said :



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Conversations with Author Allyson Adams on Elvis Presley’s Bromance with Actor Nick Adams


Allyson Adams could hardly believe her eyes when she stumbled upon her father’s typewritten manuscript “Elvis Presley, Singer, Actor, Man” inside a white cardboard box she liked to call her “Daddy’s Box”, and had remained untouched for some 40 years.


“Daddy”, as she knew him is to us the American actor Nick Adams who starred in the TV series “The Rebel” as Johnny Yuma, and was well-known in Hollywood circles for hanging out with the likes of James Dean and even dated Dean’s “Rebel Without a Cause” co-star Natalie Wood for a time. However, famous of all his buddies was his best buddy, the one and only King himself – Elvis Presley.

Presley found Adams while trying to integrate himself with the cool kids in Hollywood, and soon found an everlasting friendship, or bromance, if you will with Nick, who would go on to be nominated for an Academy Award for his work in ‘Twilight of Honor’ in 1963.


Nick Adams and daughter, Allyson

Nick Adams would meet his demise much the same way Elvis did (a drug overdose in 1968) leaving his daughter Allyson at the tender age of 7 to live with the mysterious legacy of her famous father.

With her help, Nick Adams’ first-hand account of his friendship with the King survives and is being shared with the world in a fantastic publication entitled “The Rebel and the King” with a special forward by Allyson Adams.

With the help of our trusty correspondent John Wisniewski, we were able to learn a bit more about The Rebel, The King, and this fantastic publication from Allyson Adams, herself.

NickAdams + Elvis - EOF Style

JOHN: First, how did Nick Adams meet Elvis Presley and what was their first meeting like?

ALLYSON: It was Elvis that first reached out to my father at 20th Century Fox when Elvis was filming Love Me Tender. My Dad was leaving the studio after an audition when Elvis called his name and walked toward him. My father said that when Elvis first made eye contact with him there was an instant recognition, an immediate connection.

Elvis knew that my father was in Rebel Without A Cause and friends with James Dean and Natalie Wood. Elvis wanted to be part of the young Hollywood crowd even though Dean had already died. My Dad was a go-getter and at that time was someone to “know” because he knew lots of show business people. Elvis was serious about his acting career and he didn’t know a single soul in Hollywood so he asked my Dad to show him the town. And he did. They were young actors who wanted to be great

Elvis Presley

JOHN: Why did they become such good friends?

ALLYSON: Elvis and Nick were both from poor families and understood life’s struggles. For both of them there was only one way and that was UP. They were determined not to go back to their old lives and shared a hunger for fame and food. They loved to eat and I am not kidding. My father goes into great detail about Gladys’ home cooking.  Their mothers were very similar and my Grandmother visited Graceland several times and became friends with Gladys (Elvis’ mother).


I think it was a bromance but not in sexual terms. They just had a lot of fun together and struggled with some of the same demons and insecurities.

They remained friends until my father’s death in 1968. That was the time Elvis was reinventing himself about to make his comeback and they used to jog at 5 in the morning to avoid gawkers. 

They both got a lot of flack and bad publicity for their friendship and so had to hide it from the public. It makes me sad that my father felt like he had to defend himself for his famous friendships.


“I don’t care if my Dad was bi-sexual, I just don’t think he was. If he experimented or had a man crush on the hottest sensation of his time, I say more power to him! “

JOHN: What were your impressions of Elvis Presley when you first met him?

ALLYSON: As the story goes, I had breakfast on Elvis’ lap when I was a baby but I don’t remember and there were no cameras that day. Darn it. Honestly, I was not an Elvis fan before I found this manuscript in my Daddy Box. It was only after reading the manuscript and learning about Elvis’ life and watching his early performances that I became an enamored devotee. I absolutely fell in love with him. He’s so cute and nobody has touched him as far as raw, magnetic performances go. I confess to being frozen in time, because I love the early Elvis. Although later when you see him perform, knowing what he had gone through, his gospel and ballads will break your heart or lift you up.

nick adams and elvis presleynick adams and elvis presleynick adams and elvis presley

“They just had a lot of fun together and struggled with some of the same demons and insecurities.”

JOHN:  Nick Adams was told by many in Hollywood to stay away from Elvis- why was this?

ALLYSON: I don’t know if he was told to stay away. He was criticized for being friends with Elvis and accused of being an opportunist, even though it was Elvis who approached my father. They were genuine friends and some people just couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact my father was friends with both James Dean and Elvis Presley. It was jealousy, or to quote my Dad, “the green eyed monster.”

They (the critics) were already giving Elvis a pretty hard time for his pelvis moves and now this just compounded the insults. The criticism hurt them both and my father wrote several articles defending his friendships with both men.

nick adams snaps elvis presley vintage

Have you seen the latest Globe tabloid about Elvis’ stepmother Dee Presley who claims E.P. had a gay affair with Nick? For the record I don’t think my Dad or Elvis were gay, but they were persecuted during the 50’s as if they were. There is all this speculation but no proof and both of them are dead so they are easy targets. I don’t care if my Dad was bi-sexual, I just don’t think he was. If he experimented or had a man crush on the hottest sensation of his time, I say more power to him!  

All human beings are entitled to free expression and consensual private sexuality. What goes on behind closed doors is nobody’s business unless you want to write a play or poem about it.  It’s 2014, people should get over it.

Nick Adams Elvis Presley Vintage photo- EOF

JOHN:  Yes Allyson, I did see in the tabloids about Elvis and Nick supposedly being gay. I did not really believe the tabloids. I agree with you that even if this rumour were true, it was none of anyone’s business.

ALLYSON: Thank you John, I appreciate hearing you say that. I don’t need to defend my father.  He was who he was. He was a rebel, an ambitious actor, great comedian, ahead of his time and flawed.  Now he’s dead and 45 years later we are still talking about him.

He achieved his Godzilla dream for fame more than he realized.  I want to highlight the cool things he did and unravel what I think happened the night he died, even though I will probably never know the answer. The mystery of his death is loosening its hold on my obsessive curiosity and that’s a good thing.

Elvis-with-Natalie-Wood-and-Nick-Adams-elvis-presley-vintage style- eof

JOHN: Could you tell us what it was like growing up with Nick Adams-did he always wish to be an actor as a child or teenager?

ALLYSON: My memoir “The Daddy Box” goes into my childhood and growing up with and without Nick Adams. I think Nick Adams greatest wish when he was a child was to get the hell out of Jersey City and stop being dirt poor. His first dream was to be a professional baseball player and acting came after that. Jack Palance gave him his first break in a play. They were both Ukrainians from the hood.

Believe it or not, people in show business used to help each other out and my father returned the favor by paying it forward to many young hopefuls. You never read about that part of his character.

That’s where I come in.

 {images via Google Images}

You can visit www.therebelandtheking.com to purchase a signed first edition by Allyson Adams today!

 Check it out! Pay it forward, if you will . . .

So cool to get the inside scoop on a fascinating time in our histories . . .

Rebels, Kings, Idols, and Saints. They’re all here at The Eye of Faith, so make sure you Follow Us so you’re not missing out . . .

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HOT LOVE: SWISS PUNK + WAVE 1976-1980 {Conversations with Lurker Grand}

Punk Is Not Dead
Here at The Eye of Faith, we often use the term Punk in reference to items we uncover, and stories we bring to the surface on the site. While the general consensus may be that Punk is defined by a definitive span of time, we like to believe the Punk has always been in fashion, and goes far beyond the safety pins, spikes, and mohawks that became the aesthetic calling-card of the various tribes around Europe and the Americas that began to emerge in the late 70s and 80s that have left an undeniable impact on music, art, style, and popular culture that resonates to this day.

    Far beyond the image, however, is the true meaning of punk, which is the unending quest to defy the status quo, and to change the confines of the world that enslaves us in a rigid stereotype of life. Contrary to popular belief, the idea of punk is not to not care, but is in fact to care far beyond most. They want change. They incite it, and have been for centuries.

Nikola Tesla is PUNK forever
    When you look back in time you will see many punks throughout history. From Socrates to Genghis Khan, Cleopatra, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Joan of Arc. Issac Newton stands out in my mind, as does Abraham Lincoln. And of course, our punk timeline couldn’t be complete without the punk of all punks- Nikola Tesla, and his quest for innovation and free energy, which could have truly changed everything.


Punk N Pretty
    But sadly, there are many people in this world who do not want this change, whether it be for the greater good of humanity. That’s why punks are so important to this world, because they provide an antithesis to this structure. These dissidents make sure that the wall will never be built that encloses us from our greatest gift – the freedom to be.
    Our faithful correspondent John Wisniewski had the opportunity to pick the brain of Lurker Grand, a legendary dissident who was at the forefront of the Swiss Punk & Wave movement, as well as being one of the many authors of the wicked cool book “HOT LOVE: Swiss Punk & Wave 1976 – 1980” which chronicles the rise of the movement in Switzerland with first-hand details and wicked cool imagery.

Hot Love Swiss Punk Cover - Lurker Grand


JOHN: When did you begin for the book “Hot Love Swiss Punk”?

LURKER: It was released in Fall 2006, because of the 30 years anniversary of Punk Rock. We put almost 3 years of work on it, this with several hundred protagonists of that particular time. That means, this book was done by all of us from that period, and that is THE difference to all of the other Punk Rock books…

JOHN: Who were some of the most popular Swiss punk band of the 70’s?

LURKER: In the US you are aware of the all female band Kleenex later known as Liliput, they are represented by Kill Rockstars and in particular the Riot Grrrl Movement was influenced by them. Kill Rockstar and Mississippi Records did release 2 years ago a 4 LP box of them. Then of course, the Nasal Boys, Sing Sing records out of New York did a re-release last year of their 1978 single “Hot Love” and the most famous, Dieter Meier from Yello, first with his two 7″ and later in the 70’s with the first Yello releases on Ralph Records.

JOHN: Punk rock had exploded internationally, but how was the Swiss Punk uniquely “Swiss”?

LURKER: This is a very good question and not easy to answer. There are certainly different aspects to mention. First, we call it rather SWISS WAVE, than Swiss Punk. If we would have had only PUNK, I would have never made the book. WAVE is the very important aspect in it and gave it that SWISSnes.

Switzerland did not have the youth mouvements in the 50/60/70’s like you did expiercene it in the States. With the idea of Punk, you had many interessting aspects in it…I like to mention  – lettrisme, dadaism, situationism, anarchism, individualism and very important DIY (Do it yourself). Then Switzerland was always a rich and well organiZed country and exaclty when this movement started in New York and London some Swiss did experience it from the beginning over there and brought it to us right away. With the knowledge of those past art movements and the kind of rock n roll (musical) and revolutionary desert in this traditional milk and honey country those seeds found a couple of hundred hungry addicts.And let’s say it, they knew more or less exactly what was to do.

My point is, you had some already intelectual mature persons that did form that scene, they had some influence and sometimes also the right amount of money and on the other hand there was a traditional, very conservative society and on top, a direct democracy. Like.. WE all are the state and we can make things change or not. But nobody did ever want to change anything and the Swiss hippie generation (the youth generation before us) did only talk about it, so it was time for us to really do it and talking did not exist anymore.

This is in my opinion the major aspect in it. Another very important aspect for the Sound of SWISS WAVE is the lake rock n roll culture in our country. So at the time no recording studio knew how Punk did really sound and we did not know how to record it…so all of our early recordings have a typical sound that you can only find in Switzerland. Most of our post productions or re-editions are realized by small labels from around the world. I believe, because we sound different for their
ears, it’s kind of exotic and often very charming to them.

Another and the last aspect I want to mention is, that most of us never did believe that we can make a living out of it. We did not have a Pop music industry somewhere…so we where all very free in expressing our ideas and in many ways very creative…and one thing is for sure, that our scene and the Post punk scene of the 80s did influence and help change many things in today’s Swiss society and everybody I know from that time feels very proud on this.

We have a saying: We don’t know what we want, but we know how to get it!

HOT LOVE Swiss Punk + Wave Book

JOHN: How is the Swiss punk scene different now, than that of the 70’s and early 80’s? Are there any new Swiss punkers that you like?

LURKER: My point is, punk is not only music, it’s a way of thinking, you want to make dessions for yourself, and you are responsible for yourself and your decisions….so go out there and do it!

Punk became a global phenomenon and you can find it from China to Chile. So I guess in some places of the world it still does mean something…in Switzerland like many other places, punk became a lifestyle thing- pure entertainment for the kids (for a short period in there lives), the media, and everybody that can make a buck out of it…Do I care? Absolutely not! Do I like their music? Sure,why not! Is there more to it? I do not see or feel it, does anybody else?

To give you a better idea, I live partly in Berlin in Germany and last week we had the major elections. The conservative party did win and for their celebration party on TV they did use a song called “Days Like This”..this is an actual song by one of the first Punk bands from Germany, called “Die Toten Hosen”. This band is still going strong today and it’s more than ever time that Punk Rock gets replaced by something that kicks ass again!


HOT LOVE: SWISS PUNK + WAVE 1976-1980 is available to buy today!

Check it out here.


For some insider information on the who‘s and what‘s of  Swiss Punk & Wave click this link.


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