{MUSIC MINUTE} LANA DEL REY’s “LOVE”: Is there life on Mars???

"It's like she's the only one that gets me"                               {the internet}   We are proud to admit that we are absolutely obsessed with Lana Del Rey (along with the rest of the internet) - her melancholic croons and her unapologetic approach to bringing the {past} to the {present}, truly mirrors our own approach at The…Read more {MUSIC MINUTE} LANA DEL REY’s “LOVE”: Is there life on Mars???

{MUSIC MINUTE} Josephine Siao Covers Gary Puckett & the Union Gap’s “Young Girl”

We might not be familiar in the least with the name Josephine Siao, but in Hong Kong she remains one of the most beloved stars of all time. Starting her career as a child, she quickly became one of the biggest teen idols of the late 1960s, and made a very successful transition into adult…Read more {MUSIC MINUTE} Josephine Siao Covers Gary Puckett & the Union Gap’s “Young Girl”

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {December 11, 2015}

  +Gruesome Twosome+ Janet Leigh and Robert Mitchum, "A Holiday Affair" {circa. 1949} Enjoy! Until we meet again, {theEye} + NEW FALL/WINTER STOCK IN THE {SHOP} CLICK HERE TO SHOP! XIXIXI GETS YOU 25% OFF +


+GODS UNITE+ Montgomery Clift shot by Stanley Kubrick {c. 1949} +


+KNIGHTS OF THE SANDCASTLE + There once was a mysterious band of knights who roamed and raved their days and nights along the banks of the cool dark waters. Young and wild, they howled at the moon like the wolves, and on the clear days when the sun seemed to sparkle like diamonds on their…Read more E.O.F. Presents +KNIGHTS OF THE SANDCASTLE+

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {November 11, 2014}

{Marilyn Monroe photographed by Andre de Dienes, 1945} + + + ++ {theEye} Follow us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK ++ + Similar Stories:     

Commercial Break: Suspiria! (1977)

We had been anticipating watching this one for some time, and finally this past weekend we indulged in a masterpiece called Suspiria! Starring a young Jessica Harper who's starred in The Phantom of the Paradise and Rocky Horror Picture Show II, and keeps us entertained to this very day as the Crabby Cook. This is…Read more Commercial Break: Suspiria! (1977)

+ STYLE IDOL+ A River Phoenix Runs Through It . . .

Wicked and wild. Gorgeous and full of life. You can see sometimes in the eyes of this strange boy; a burning fire that piercing your soul. Even past the screen, beneath the surface of every photograph of him, there is a brilliant mystery still waiting to be discovered and the very depth of the man…Read more + STYLE IDOL+ A River Phoenix Runs Through It . . .

{STYLE-WISE} The Secret Society Style of Tom Buchanan

Indeed there are many sinfully stylish idols to worship throughout "The Great Gatsby"; like masculine and cool Jordan, soft and feminine Daisy, even the bookish narrator Nick. And then of course there's the poster boy himself, Jay Gatsby ,who shall always remain in the fore realm of our memory as a hero to determination and…Read more {STYLE-WISE} The Secret Society Style of Tom Buchanan

Celebrity and Cigarettes

"Stardom can be a gilded slavery. " -Helen Hayes. Calling all fans of Hollywood Yesteryear! What have we got here for you, today?! Talk about bang for your buck! Deep inside every pack of Turf Cigarettes were a pair of these collector trading cards featuring all the studios' biggest and brightest stars of the day!…Read more Celebrity and Cigarettes