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Music Minute: Patsy Cline – “She’s Got You” (1962)

No secret here, we love to revel in Vintage.  We had the privilege to find this rare performance by the incredible Patsy Cline of her hit “She’s Got You” thanks to  .  This one goes out to anybody who may be stewing over a lost love, missing days of the past.   We sure as heck miss Patsy Cline.  She truly had a voice like no other, with a distinct sadness in her voice that was truly beyond her time.

Take notice of Patsy’s unique flair for fashion.  Playing hard into the cliche’s of Nashville, Patsy wore the Cowgirl style like it were a uniform, yet somehow she stood out during her time and was a true original.  We are particular intrigued by the way she wore her headband.. talk about trend setter!  Imagine running into her ghost…

{The Eye}

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Music Minute: Patsy Cline’s Sweet Dreams.

First recorded by country star Don Gibson in 1956, this song was met with some success on the country charts, but not until Patsy Cline recorded it early in 1963 with Owen Bradley producing did the song crossover onto the pop charts to any great extent. Unfortunately the songstress would be in a fatal plane crash in March of that year.

This song truly resinates with us. Miss Cline was taken from us too soon, but her spirit lives on through her great recordings. The Nashville star’s life would get the movie treatment come 1985’s Sweet Dreams starring Jessica Lange and Woody Harrison.

We love you Patsy.
The Eye.

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