The Eye of Faith RULES!!!

'Concision in Style, Precision in Thought, Decision in Life" You may have noticed those immortal words when browsing through our ABOUT US page, although the phrase is more like this: + CONCISIONEM STYLO, ACCURATIUS CORDE, IUDICARI VITA + Since our inception, these words have helped build the foundations for creating The Eye of Faith, and…Read more The Eye of Faith RULES!!!

New Stuff in the {SHOP} – Wild Dance in a Graveyard!

Hello friends, fans, and followers! Remember this lovely lady? We go way back . . . We have plenty of new and exciting vintage finds in the {SHOP} and we are excited to share some of them with you here! Lots of perfect finds for a wild dance in a graveyard! +   ALL AVAILABLE…Read more New Stuff in the {SHOP} – Wild Dance in a Graveyard!

Flashback Monday: Wigan Casino

Here's another one from the vault! We love taking our ticking time machine on Mondays for great stuff like this. The scene: Wigan Casino, and what everyone had on the brain was Northern Soul (a movement sweeping across the UK)! Check out those moves, and above all, that style. Enjoy, {the Eye} Similar Stories