“The Name Game” Challenge: Jessica Lange VS. Shirley Ellis

It's been about two weeks since American Horror Story: Asylum ended on FX, and for anyone who has seen the show, you will know that it is near impossible to get that rhythm and beat of Jessica Lange's boppin' rendition of the classic "The Name Game" which premiered in Episode 10 of the miniseries. The…Read more “The Name Game” Challenge: Jessica Lange VS. Shirley Ellis

Music Minute: “Dear God” – XTC (1986)

Whenever we question our own reality and or think about our New Dracula Shades, this is one of the tunes that jumps into our Head's and gets our toe's tappin'.  We're lover's of the hippie glasses and  penchant for Hats, not to mention overall gentlemanly style of this English Invasion. Not only is the message frank,…Read more Music Minute: “Dear God” – XTC (1986)

Music Minute: “Island of Dreams” by The Springfields

I wonder the street everyday in crowded places... This one is sure to put a little smile on your face. Hope you enjoy! Sincerely, {theEye} Similar Stories: