GUCCI’s Karaoke Chic !

  If you know us, like really know really really know us; you know that we love a good ol' karaoke jam session with our friends! There's nothing better - you get to let loose a little (often on a strange day such as a Tuesday), maybe get a little glossed and glam, be…Read more GUCCI’s Karaoke Chic !

The Eye of Faith Presents {NEW KINGDOM} @SUPERCRAWL 2017

  Creatures of a day! What is a man? Man is the dream of a shadow. -Pindar   SUPERCRAWL is upon us again! North America's fastest growing festival is in its 8th year, and is set to be bigger and better than ever. Which is why we are so excited to announce our latest runway…Read more The Eye of Faith Presents {NEW KINGDOM} @SUPERCRAWL 2017