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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {October 8, 2013}

Sometimes it hits you . . . Life doesn’t always throw you the easiest bone to catch. You might feel like your reality resembles that of a bad dream, and it all gets a little scary. The worst part is, we’re all just meant to grin and bear it. The weird (and evidently expected) thing…


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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {October 30, 2012}

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Music Minute: Eye’s Without a Face (1983)

From Billy Idol’s album Rebel Yell, this is a complete standout track! ¬†On an album where angst is a major theme, this ballad brings a softer side we don’t often see from the platinum blonde rocker. Cowritten by guitarist¬†¬†Steve Stevens, this was actually Idol’s first single to crack Billboards top 10 in the US. ¬†…

Demons, Devils and Diamonds: Eyeball this Jewelry!

Perhaps the most expressive way a person can add personal flavour to a look is to rock some unique jewelry. ¬† Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but for the everyday Jo or Joanne, we have to work with what we have! ¬† And we’re sure anything goes when it comes to great accessories….

Show a Stripe: Steal the Show!

Season after season, year after year, there will always be a straight line straight through menswear. Always a stylists’ top choice, the gentleman’s closet wouldn’t be complete without at least a striped t-shirt! Be it a button down, a sweater, or a tie, stripes are going nowhere fast. Thom Browne has done some eccentric styling…