{E.O.F. STYLE IDOL} Ai Wei Wei: According to What?

AI WEI WEI: ACCORDING TO WHAT? at the AGO (August 17, 2013 - October 27, 2013) Ai Wei Wei is currently the world's leading bad ass. Arguably the world's most influential contemporary artist (no doubt, the most popular), Ai Wei Wei has made a name for himself with politically charged works that bring insight into…Read more {E.O.F. STYLE IDOL} Ai Wei Wei: According to What?

Music Minute: Ghosts – Japan (1981)

While sitting in our favourite local cafe, Cool Hand of a Girl,  we heard a favourite melody and it reignited our love of gothic new-wave (Not that we're saying the flame ever went out). We were in fact listening to Japan. Forming in 1974, it would be this band from South London who'd help usher…Read more Music Minute: Ghosts – Japan (1981)