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DISCOVERED: Vintage Surf Summer Memories . . .

Amazing vintage photographs by Leroy Grannis {1917 - 2011} + Do you feel the love? Want to join the crusade? Visit the {SHOP} <-----CLICK HERE!!! And if you're on the fence, check out our +CASE FOR HAWAIIAN SHIRTS+ Until next time, {theEye} + Similar Stories:

+STYLE STAR+ El Principe Gitano, JJ Reyes !

The stars in the sky will shine bright tonight knowing that we pay tribute to one of their brightest young consorts. As we are always expressing here at The Eye of Faith, style is about the attitude, and bringing a truly individual edge that will set you apart from the rest, and the +STYLE STAR+…Read more +STYLE STAR+ El Principe Gitano, JJ Reyes !

Liz Taylor, in the {plaster} FLESH!

Scents Memory is a fantastic blog we frequent, and is completely one-of-a-kind in it's story. At Scents Memory you will find eloquent and dream-like fantasy descriptions of the world's most luxurious and fantastic fragrances for men - a topic that is becoming more and more popular on the front of the men's fashion scene these…Read more Liz Taylor, in the {plaster} FLESH!

Regis Francis Xavier Philbin

New York bread Regis Philbin has been on television screens since 1962, so we don't blame the guy for wanting to step down from his chair after chattin' up all those celebs, maybe even try his hand at something new?? And seeing as today's the last time he'll be appearing on his syndicated program Live!…Read more Regis Francis Xavier Philbin