90S TEEN DREAM STYLE/SCREAM QUEEN +CHRISTINA RICCI+ {CIRCA. 1995 / 'CASPER' DAZE} "Can I keep you?..."   Girl, you really rock that tattered Victorian vibe . . . Nobody does it quite like you. If you haven't seen this movie...such a shame. Don't forget; although, we got the 90s thing going on - "CASPER, THE…Read more E.O.F. SNAPSHOT OF THE DAY {MARCH 16, 2017}


  Photograph by Davide Sorrenti  There probably isn't an aesthetic that struck a chord so controversial in fashion as the notorious 90s inclination towards the new look: Heroine Chic. We are starting to see a bit of a return to this vibe in some of the world's most prestigious runways, not surprising as the 90s…Read more + 90S THROWBACK to HEROINE CHIC +

DEFYING ‘GRAVITY’ {and our expectations . . .}

Alfonso Cuarón is without doubt one of our generations most ambitious and talented directors, whose latest film 'Gravity' has solidified him as a premiere auteur of the cinema, that is if his last film "Children of Men" didn't already have you convinced.The signs were there from the start.A Mexican director, Cuarón made his English debut in 1995…Read more DEFYING ‘GRAVITY’ {and our expectations . . .}

TCM Event Series Presents The Birds!!

An exciting event has been announced by Turner Classic Movies along with Universal, in celebration of Alfred Hitchcock's seminal 1963 classic The Birds, and in honor of its upcoming 50th Anniversary will be presenting TCM Event Series Presents The Birds, a special engagement screening of this Horror Classic in select theaters across the US. On September…Read more TCM Event Series Presents The Birds!!