{PHOTO-BLAST} Pomp + Circumstance

The Pompadour. We’ve been seeing a lot of these, as of late, on our virtual style quests, and find this mythic hairstyle’s history absolutely fascinating. The hair-doe characterized by its voluminous waves and carefully coiffed height was first coined in the 18th Century after French aristocrat, Madame de Pompadour – the mistress of King Louis…

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {July 13, 2012}

Happy Friday the 13th! E.O.F. applauds your fearlessness. ¬†{Hope ur lucks better than¬†Kohl & Middleton’s Museum’s Dog Faced Man} + ++ {The Eye} Similar Stories: ¬†¬†

Happy Birthday Howard Carter! (9 May 1874 ‚Äď 2 March 1939)

Howard Carter was born in London, England, the son of Samuel Carter, a skilled artist, who trained him to follow in his footsteps, and Martha Joyce (Sands) Carter. ¬†Born eager and inquisitive, at 17, the young talented artist was sent out by the¬†Egypt Exploration Fund¬†to assist¬†Percy Newberry¬†in the excavation and recording of¬†Middle Kingdom¬†tombs at¬†Beni Hasan….