{Style-Wise} This is 1938 . . .


It’s hard to believe that this photo was taken all the way back in 1938.

I guess, I shouldn’t say “back” per se. Time has been proven to exist on a much more complex framework than the linear notions we have applied to our understanding of this concept – this so called “Time”.

If you look at a snapshot like this, you start to see the layers of time, and that in fact, this past- this 1938 – still exists right now in this moment with us today. It will also exist far into the future, which in turn, is also with us today, and waiting simply to unfold before us.

Everything about them is as relevant today, as it was, and in fact, almost breaks the mould of “normality” in the present sense, and is a look that fashion insiders might like to describe as pushing the boundaries of style to a more laid back, casual-cool. This has always been a preferred style for myself, as it doesn’t require very much effort, but looks eternally good.

It just takes the right nonchalant classic pieces to make it work. Stripes always work (as you can see). Love t-shirts with pockets, also. Finding the right drape is good. You want it fitted, but I like a little slouch in everything I wear for two reasons: 1. comfort, and 2. it just looks damn good that way.

I think my favourite elements, however, are in the hair (wild), and the goggles on the guy to the right of the photograph. Quirky accessories like this, make a look truly rockin’ !

So, remember boys and gals: This is 1938. 

You don’t have to be a scientist to bend time.

That’s a fact.

Until next time,





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