{Music Minute} “Love Interruption” – Jack White ft. Ruby Amanfu


Jack White is always the coolest. He is consistently on the brink of something new, and is never holding himself back from his creative will. On top of that, he has an excellent knack for the past, and taking inspiration from it, to create something new. Something, we here at The Eye of Faith, definitely understand and appreciate.

Of all the performances at this year’s 2013 Grammy Awards, there were a few stand-outs – from Rihanna singing “Stay” (with Mikky Ekko), to Alabama Shakes lead singer Brittany Howard in the Levon Helm tribute – the show was one of the best in a long time. There was a lot of energy, and passion at this year’s awards, and it was so cool to see all the great stars of the music industry all hanging out together.


But, the favourite moment of the night had to be Mr. White’s performance of his tune “Love Interruption” which features Nashville recording artist Ruby Amanfu in a sharp-witted classic duet about the strains of love,  from his latest album Blunderbuss. The performance is causing some controversy in the mainstream, with some saying the duo dropped the “F” bomb onstage. Any idiot could figure out that bite rhymes with fight (not F***), so let it go, just let it go . . .

Check out Jack White’s wicked cool outfit. It looks like he even has eyes embellished on his trousers. The blazer is clearly some sort of Deco-Baroque inspired rockabilly studded number, which clearly works for us here. The fit is great, and the black, unbuttoned collar dress shirt is the perfect offset for the decked out bad-assness of everything else. Love it.

Gotta love the girls in the band, too – they were decked out like sexy girlfriends of French Impressionist painters in their bright faded pastels. Ruby Amanfu can do no wrong. Ever.


I’m bringing to you the original video to enjoy. The production has plenty of vintage flair, but brings it to a new level that is perfect for 2013. A little decadent, a little grunge, a little gothic, a little classic rock n’ roll – it’s like a Nashville sushi roll of All-American flavours that pack a nice punch in the end.

Just a cool song. It’s been a repeater, for sure. Ruby Amanfu has this incredible croon, and Jack White is undestructable.

Please enjoy . . .





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