E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {January 11, 2013}

{T.G.I.F.!  Be like Andy, and get your rest and relaxation on! Because this is gonna be a Very Busy Weekend!} + + + + +++ Learn more about The Eye of Faith… Follow us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK ++ + Similar Stories:

E.O.F. Photoblast: The Perils of a Mask

As we spend our waking days on the open road, we come across so many new faces any given sunday. ¬†Each with a story, and a depth of compassion unique to each individual. If one common thread runs true, it’s the restraint one can take to fit the ‘norm’. ¬†We’re constantly encouraging our readers to…

Flashback Monday: Wigan Casino

Here’s another one from the vault! We love taking our ticking time machine on Mondays for great stuff like this. The scene: Wigan Casino, and what everyone had on the brain was Northern Soul (a movement sweeping across the UK)! Check out those moves, and above all, that style. Enjoy, {the Eye} Similar Stories

Regis Francis Xavier Philbin

New York bread Regis Philbin has been on television screens since 1962, so we don’t blame the guy for wanting to step down from his chair after chattin’ up all those celebs, maybe even try his hand at something new?? And seeing as today’s the last time he’ll be appearing on his syndicated program Live!…