{PHOTO BLAST} Playing With Pandora’s Box

You know how the story goes, don't you? She was a seductive woman ¬†and the first woman in Greek mythology. Made from Earth to punish Prometheus for his overreaching and theft of the sacred fire, her youthful curiosity led her to opening a mysterious jar, the "Pandora's Box", that contained all the evils of humanity,…Read more {PHOTO BLAST} Playing With Pandora’s Box

Mermaid Muses

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2008. Study of a Naiad(1904-1905) by John William Waterhouse. Vogue March 1999, Jean Paul Gaultier Mermaid Dress. Whether its the mystery or the whimsy, the mermaid seems to constantly have a hold. It's great to see many incarnations in so many ways. Paul Delvaux, Village of the Mermaid (1942). Whether sideshow…Read more Mermaid Muses