E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {May 16, 2013}

+well you heard her . . . DRINK UP!+ + Super weird. I'm not sure where this is from, but might just be a silly Halloween marketing scheme for juice from the 60s? If anyone knows, or has a clue, let us know in the comment section below! Similar Stories:

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {July 3, 2012}

{Philippe Halsman, "In Voluptas Mors"} Similar Stories:     

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {June 25, 2012}

{"The Catman of Paris (1946)"} Similar Stories:     

Eye Spy the Accessor-Eye

Rings, Necklaces, Gold, Quartz, Stones, Bling, Teeth, Beauty, we've had it! We like to handle things a little differently here at The Eye of Faith, so we are always encountering bizarre pieces of fashion.  Our favourite finds come through the form of jewelry!!!!!! On a daily basis, we are going through hundreds of tie-clips, bracelets,…Read more Eye Spy the Accessor-Eye