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knights of the sand castle 1


There once was a mysterious band of knights who roamed and raved their days and nights along the banks of the cool dark waters. Young and wild, they howled at the moon like the wolves, and on the clear days when the sun seemed to sparkle like diamonds on their faces, they stood sullen like statues of antiquity before cawing and cooing outrageously to their peers. 

They sat watching the crowd waves roar; the boardwalk full of walking visitors, strange and new from far away places, that would all turn away in disdain from the boys of summer, sensing somehow their mighty position above it all . . . 

knights of the sandcastle 4

knights of the sand castle 3

They weren’t there for the sights and sounds, instead vying for an order of things far from the distressing quarrels of everyday society. 

Simple positions shared amongst them all. One assigned to watch, another to distribute, another to discover, and the rest to play by the rules. No one over stepped a turn at the bottle, for each one knew that their last could be any day.  Neville, one of the leaders, would say, ‘Never shy from your true colours’ and these they would display with unbroken pride. 

knights of the sandcastle 2

knights of the sandcastle 6

Your honour was earned by the friendships you garnered and gathered. 

Some say they had magic on their sides; magic powers taken from the ages, used to ensure their place along the sand dunes. Others say they made friends easily, but were actually ghosts playing games on the common folk. 

Only one place in the world for them. A sacred fellowship that haunts us all to this day . . . 

I like to imagine seeing them there every time I go back to the seaside. Guarding their little corner of the Earth, and protecting the small sliver of paradise they managed to claim as their own. 

knights of the sandcastle 5

Sometimes I can hear them sing their favourite tune; a memory that wavers from faded dream to brilliant exuberance.

 It was a familiar one made their own by one of their musically gifted initiates – 


“Going down to Stoney End.

 I never wanted to go down to Stoney End. 

Momma let me start all over! 

Cradle me Momma!

Cradle me Again . . . “



Screen shot 2014-03-22 at 10.31.21 PM

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the magic



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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {August 30, 2013}

dirk dubois

{ “MUSCLES” Magazine – 1940s/50s (?) – Dick Dubois }

This is some exquisite work on all fronts. Check out the beautiful art direction here. It’s pretty much the epitome of the “lost in paradise” feeling we’re always yearning for here at The Eye of Faith. The colors are magnificent and romantic and beautifully thought through.

Then there’s Mr. Dubois. Dick Dubois. Looking mighty awesome even to today’s standards. In fact I feel like I know guys that would rock those denim shorts, and have that awesome curly, sweeping hair-do – but I’m not sure if any of them have the true body of a Greek God. You have to give it up for these heroes of our modern world. They leave people for us guys to look up to. Is here anything wrong with that?

Best part is people think that this kind of buff man persona is something new invented as of late by surf culture and materialism in the 80s, but it’s completely not the case. Men have always been obsessed with the male form and the male figure, and it has always dominated our world.

That’s why I can equate him to a Greek God, because that’s essentially what their statues were – just depictions of perfection that had been achieved by mortals. Mostly athletes and wrestlers, maybe warriors-  just like these men; Probably athletes (possibly aspiring actors) and young disbanded war vets (the odd criminal, too).

We all deserves our idols. Worship them for strength.

Such a cool cover. They really don’t make ’em like they used to.

Too fucking cool.


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