What do all of our E.O.F. {STYLE IDOLS & DIVINITIES} have in common? Perhaps its a lust for life? A certain je na sais quois . . .  the X-factor; whatever you want to call it, these men and women are imbued with a magnetic spirit that entices us to go above and beyond- and…Read more E.O.F {STYLE IDOL} + MARK FRECHETTE +

New Stuff in the {SHOP} – Wild Dance in a Graveyard!

Hello friends, fans, and followers! Remember this lovely lady? We go way back . . . We have plenty of new and exciting vintage finds in the {SHOP} and we are excited to share some of them with you here! Lots of perfect finds for a wild dance in a graveyard! +   ALL AVAILABLE…Read more New Stuff in the {SHOP} – Wild Dance in a Graveyard!

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {June 5/2012}

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Commercial Break: “FrankenHooker” (1990)

Kooky, campy, and steaming hot, all describe this purple haired booty shakin' machine, FrankenHooker! The story of a medical student who's goal is to recreate his decapitated fiancée by building her a new body made of Manhattan street hookers. Enjoy! We did. The Eye. Similar Stories      

City and Coloured Kids!

Style stars are driven by ambition and rebellion! Youth of today surely embrace the idea of standing out, we say "Kudo's Kids!". We here at E.O.F. love the twist of a turban, or the pop of a feather with a fedora but nothing compares to somebody pulling off neon hair! A style we've talked about…Read more City and Coloured Kids!

Truly Outrageous and Beautifully Bold!

You may love the hair colour you were born with, but life truly truly truly is too short to pass on an opportunity to go NEON! And why stick with just one tone, you can keep changing your locks, and go brighter and brighter than the time before. One bold head of fuschia, or maybe…Read more Truly Outrageous and Beautifully Bold!