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{PHOTO BLAST} Friends In All The Right Places . . .

keith brian-jones-and-keith-richards

Where would we be without our friends?

Here at The Eye of Faith we are wise enough to know the importance of the people we keep close in our lives.

It’s a method that has been tried, tested, and true . . .

To only keep the ones that exhibit that simple true blue.

Mac Crim (Kim Novak’s boyfriend ) and Vampira c. 1950’s

So, here’s a {PHOTO BLAST} for your viewing pleasure

(We realize it’s been a while since our last)!

We hope you enjoy!



buddies johnny depp in kitchen

“Friendship . . . is not something you learn in school.

But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”

– Muhammed Ali

Until next time,



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I Hope You Dance!

In honour of this past weekend we thought this post would be more than apropo. We hope you got a chance to dance your asses off this weekend, because God knows we did!

So here are some prime vintage photos that we just knew you all would be dancing over. And whether you did or didn’t get to shake your ass this weekend,  we hope these can help conjure up the spirit of dance in us all!

Good exercise, and definitely a lot of fun! Don’t believe me? Check out the gallery and tell me I’m lying!

See? What did I tell you! Everyone loves to dance! So shake it!


– The Eye x

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