Enjoy this {STYLE STORY} offering¬† from THE EYE OF FAITH! A journey that started at night, this is a tale of wandering; wandering thoughts, wandering hearts, and wandering souls. The city can bring together strangers, while it can also tear those closest apart. Amongst the storefronts, sidewalks, lane ways, and hidden passages - you are…Read more {STYLE STORY} E.O.F. Presents “DAZE OF BEING WILD”

{Photoblast} Holy Fashion -Our Holy Grail.

We'll say a lil' prayer for you during this Photoblast. ¬†Some symbolism you may recognize, some sights should be new! We're feeling nostalgic for holier times... Although we're certain we'd be burned as a Witch! Thank our goodness, we are alive today to bring you some inspiration to say a little prayer for us! Let…Read more {Photoblast} Holy Fashion -Our Holy Grail.