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There have been stranger things in this world than the fact that STRANGER THINGS has become such a huge pop culture phenomenon this year. The second we gazed at the itsy bitsy teaser I knew that something special was in store.



Plus, the fact that it was starring pop culture Queen Winona Ryder, it was just so clear!

If you’re familiar with us, you know that we firmly believe that portals of the past are always open and ready to influx the present, and in the end, help shape the future, and STRANGER THINGS is the perfect example of this.

From the second the show opens with its cavernous rumbling synths and the panning electric red Stephen King-esque font comes into full view, the homage to classic 80s horror occult thrillers is ignited. What follows is a roller coaster ride that has erupted a fever for this brilliantly branded nostalgia.

Nostalgia is the key to this show, and for those who think the past is best left in the past, you might want to reconsider those thoughts, and give this show a shot at infiltrating the imagination with the beauty and wonder that the past has to offer.

We were inspired by the show’s epic 80s style illustrated poster to take a look back at some of the artful posters of films from the 1980s, and how their graphic quality still stands up to this day.

We made a list of 20, and hope it helps sparks some neurons!

EOF Shop Banner 3





20. THE TERMINATOR (1984) // Directed by James Cameron



19. A ROOM WITH A VIEW (1986) // Directed by James Ivory



18. TRICK OR TREAT (1986) // Directed by Charles Martinsmith


17. THE EVIL DEAD (1981) // Directed by Sam Raimi



16. NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984) // Directed by Wes Craven



15. THE FOG (1980) // Directed by John Carpenter



14. FULL METAL JACKET (1987) // Directed by Stanley Kubrick



13. THE MISSION (1986) // Directed by Roland Joffe



12. RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983) // Directed by Richard Marquand



11. SCARFACE (1983) // Directed by Brian De Palma



10. THE LAST STARFIGHTER (1984) // Directed by Nick Castle



9. FRIGHT NIGHT (1985) // Directed by Tom Halland



8. THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST (1988) // Directed by Martin Scorsese 



7. CHRISTINE (1983) // Directed by John Carpenter



6. THE ABYSS (1989) // Directed by James Cameron



5. EMPIRE OF THE SUN (1987) // Directed by Steven Spielberg



4. THE SHINING (1980) // Directed by Stanley Kubrick



3. BLADE RUNNER (1982) // Directed by Ridley Scott



2. E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL (1982) // Directed by Steven Spielberg



1. BLUE VELVET (1986) //Directed by David Lynch



Obviously we have a little bias towards Lynch, but this poster is EVERYTHING.

Are we missing one of your personal picks? LEAVE A COMMENT telling us your favourite 80s movie poster.

Also, take a look at this incredible video slideshow of 1,646 movie posters from the 1980s for reference:

Can’t wait for Season 2 of ‘Stranger Things’ !

Until we meet again,



{Style-Wise} Kurt Russell IS “The Thing” (1982) [Vintage Winter Menswear Inspiration]

Kurt Russell is The Thing (1982)- Bad Ass Vintage Menswear - Winter edition- The Eye of Faith [vi]

With winter in full force, we couldn’t help but search for some credible vintage inspiration to set the mood for us here, and make the frigid cold all the more bearable and at least something fun to emulate through the day. Fight that cold with some bold bad-ass style.

Change your attitude, and you can change your life. Sometimes the clothes on your back really help. . .

Kurt Russell is The Thing (1982)- The Hat is Everything- Bad Ass Vintage Menswear - Winter edition- The Eye of Faith [v]

Kurt Russell is The Thing (1982)- Goggles Goggles Goggles- Bad Ass Vintage Menswear - Winter edition- The Eye of Faith

Kurt Russell is totally bad-ass in John Carpenter’s 1982 Horror classic, “The Thing”. Playing a scientist at a base in Antarctica who stumbles upon an ancient evil that can hide amongst humans undetected, Russell conjures some real classic conservative cool even while he battles the odds in a sub zero hell-on-earth.

It’s all about the goggles, the big hats, the poofy jackets. And remember, sun glasses aren’t out-of-bounds just because it’s cold. Let them protect you from sun glare while you shovel and feel fucking cool while you do it. Not cold, because you’ll remember to wear a good scarf, and no, your beard does not count (but do grow it).

The point is to stay warm. Pick classic pieces and you don’t ever have to worry.  Even if you have to cover everything. I feel like there’s no real rules in winter when you need to stay warm.

Kurt Russell is The Thing (1982)- Bad Ass Vintage Menswear - Winter edition- The Eye of Faith [2]

Vintage Winter Menswear Inspiration- The Iceman Cometh- 1920s

[circa 1920s]

Sometimes it’s best just to wear EVERYTHING.

Check out {The Iceman Cometh} also for more vintage winter menswear inspiration. . .


Until next time,



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