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Magic Movie Moments: Powell + Pressburger’s “Black Narcissus”


“I don’t want to go away. I want to stay here like this for the rest of my life…”


Michael Powell + Emeric Pressburger’s 1947 film Black Narcissus is crammed full of magic movie moments – moments unlike any other you are bound to see in any other film.

Moments where you would swear, instead of a movie, you might actually have stumbled upon an epic painting come to life, or perhaps you caught yourself awake in a dream.

The film is set high in the cliffs of the Himalayan mountains where a group of five nuns have sequestered themselves to begin an order in this strange new land. Nothing ever seems to go quite as planned for these seeker’s of God who exhibit more than their true colors in their time spent trying to maintain and repair their adapted home.

It is a story of human will and sacrifice (as most stories with nuns are), as well as examining the cultures of Christianity, and Western beliefs and attitudes. The film also explores spirituality (as most stories with nus do) to a large extent, and the various ways in which almost supernatural forces come to play in our daily lives.

Despite being over 60 years old, the film’s unconventional themes and characters carry it straight into the 21st Century and beyond. In fact, we’d be very lucky to receive a film with as much intellect, suspense, and overall beauty in this day and age…Powell + Pressburger never ceases to impress me, but there definitely is an undeniable touch of magic and mystery that make this film an absolute great.

Jack Cardiff’s dynamic cinematography is definitely a major contributing factor to the film’s devastating beauty. Like a canvas, Cardiff paints every frame with an attention to detail only a true artist could bring, upping the ante for the film altogether. As much as the light paints the scene, Cardiff uses shadow and color to exquisite effect.


“There’s something in the atmosphere that makes everything exaggerated…”


Enjoy this clip of the film’s epic climax if you dare…and don’t be afraid of the haunted feeling you may achieve. It’s actually quite refreshing.

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We were lucky enough to catch this on TCM‘s queue of timeless and obscure movie classics, but you can also find Powell + Pressburger’s Black Narcissus available on DVD & Blu-Ray through the Criterion Collection packed full of amazing extras. Check it out today.


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E.O.F. Style Idol – Alain Delon

Upon a recent viewing of “Rebel Without a Cause” it completely struck us at E.O.F. that there was a certain style divinity that doesn’t recieve enough attention for his incredible panache, and undoubted influence on men’s style and fashion. Call him France’s own James Dean– Alain Delon may just write the books on how to be a truly stylish and effortless specimen of a man.

In history, the legend of James Dean was born on the faithful day of September 30, 1955 causing an international frenzy- and in moments, an idol of rebellion and male beauty was born that seemingly grows stronger everyday. There is no doubt, the rebel icon has paved the way, but it is an individual like Alain Delon who triumphantly carried the torch onward. And while James Dean’s memory lives on, this week’s profiled style star literally lives.

It’s everything to do with everything; his French charm, a je na sais quois, that particular brand of swag and easiness the French seem to bring to anything. Whether dolled up in a suit, or stripped down to the bone, Delon delivers his unique brand of masculinity. Perhaps it’s all in the eyes. People always seem to look better smoking cigarettes.

Dean was an eagear student of Sade, as should be any fallen angel-boy, but it seems Delon took a more jovial path in life following more in the footsteps of Casanova! He worked the screen with leading ladies like Marianne Faithful, Jane Fonda, and Brigitte Bardot. Better than that, his real-life romances were with some of the world’s most gorgeous faces- Romy Schneider, Mirielle Darc, Rosalie Van Breeman, Nathalie Barthelemey, and a love-child with none other than Nico herself. Quite the busy boy.

Discharged from the navy in 1956, Delon would be discovered by legendary producer David. O. Selznick (Yes, of ‘Gone with the Wind’ lore) who would kick off his career provided he learn English. Delon would stay in France and in 1960 would star  in a dandy adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’, in a French picture by the name of “Purple Noon”.

This film is one of the singularly most stylish films you might come across when it comes to men’s fashion. Delon’s Ripley is a tour-de-force in quiet angst and alienation, not to mention practically picture perfect, and would pave his way in the limelight as one of the world’s most enigmatic and dashing leading gentlemen.

The dapper Delon would continue to grace the screen in other groundbreaking and style-wise pictures as Luchino Visconti’s “The Leopard”, Michelangelo Antonionni’s “Eclipse”, Jack Cardiff’s “The Girl on a Motorcylce”, Jacques Daray’s “Le Piscine”, Louis Malles’ , Roger Vadim’s, & Fellini’s “Spirits of the Dead”, and of course, the ultimate embodiment of loner, drifter, outsiderness in Jean-Pierre Melville’s “Le Samourai”, a dark crime film fusing film noir with samurai and fantasy notions. Each film is rich in style inspiration and fashion and film history.

Delon was an instant smash and a puller of all heart strings. With his dashing looks, and unapolgetic demeanour, his rebel attitude gave French luxury a brand new flavour, as well as giving us here at the EOF plenty of amazing pictures to share with you! Use these as inspiration for a lifetime.

Keep it classic, keep it fresh, and keep it fun inside. Adapt a closet full of leisure, that make you feel comfortable, while at the same time easily make you the Prince of the Party. The secret to Delon’s success really lies deep within his own core. An unwillingness to be anything but true to himself. That is ultimately what reads through most, and is an important lesson to being the ultimate you.

So rent all his movies today, and show the world how dashing, dapper,  and ultimately divine a bad boy can really be! As an E.O.F. Style Idol, Alain Delon’s timeless style is  definitely here to stay.

Here’s some stuff from {THE EYE OF FAITH SHOP} so you grab the vibe!

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