Crazy Mens Vintage 1950s / 60s Hair Style Videos!

  Like every style discerning woman, a man needs a good hair-do too " give him all the confidence he needs" - at least according to these crazy 1950s / 60s archival films documenting some of the most popping hair crazes of the moment! "No longer is it fashionable to have short backened sides; today…Read more Crazy Mens Vintage 1950s / 60s Hair Style Videos!

{PHOTO-BLAST} Pomp + Circumstance

The Pompadour. We've been seeing a lot of these, as of late, on our virtual style quests, and find this mythic hairstyle's history absolutely fascinating. The hair-doe characterized by its voluminous waves and carefully coiffed height was first coined in the 18th Century after French aristocrat, Madame de Pompadour - the mistress of King Louis…Read more {PHOTO-BLAST} Pomp + Circumstance