E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {March 11, 2013}

+ Looking Good, Monsieur. A Smoke Break Au Paris. “What’s Over There, Anyway?” Wide Legged Pants Need to Come Back into Swing, For Real This Time . . . + Similar Stories:

Dreams, Nightmares and Fantasies

Tuck your ambition where no one will notice, or wear it one your sleeve!  Only you can decide how you’d like to carry on through this life.  This is a destiny you’ve been planning in the pit of your own subconscious for many nights now!  Deem yourself worthy of being a hero and envision the…

Music Minute: Nico’s Strip-tease

Fabled music heroine Nico has always been an obsession of ours, today is no exception. Enjoy this humble hit from the Factory’s underground art star Nico. (Source) Is this a wave of music you could ride? -The Eye Similar Stories