Manic Monday: Hysteric for Charcot’s Mysterious Medical Muses

Charcot {29 November 1825 – 16 August 1893} Remembered today as a leading mind in the fields of neurology and psychology, Jean-Martin Charcot's legacy is as much in his strange medical photography, as his famous pupils (Sigmund Freud and Georges Gilles de la Tourette), and important breakthroughs in the field. Taken for research purposes, these…Read more Manic Monday: Hysteric for Charcot’s Mysterious Medical Muses

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {July 11, 2013}

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Hailee Steinfled: Miu Miu Meow!

Uh oh, looks like our favourite part-filipina's gotten herself in some boiling hot water! Seems that the young actress' latest ad for Italian brand Miu Miu, has come under fire for it's negligence when it comes to the safety of our youth! According to the British Advertising Standards Authority, the ad which depicts the 14…Read more Hailee Steinfled: Miu Miu Meow!