E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {October 2, 2012}

{Veronica Lake in a publicity still from "I Married A Witch" Circa. 1942} Halloween's in the Air  + + ++ {The Eye of Faith} ++ + Similar Stories:

{PHOTOBLAST} Confessions of a Teenage Witch ! ! !

"Mommy? Daddy? We have something to tell you... you know those new girls we've been hanging out with at school? Yes, the one's who smoke cigarettes and dance in the street.  Well...they have more to them than it seems.  And now...our dear sweet family, we have news... I'm a Teen Witch " Come the Bewitching…Read more {PHOTOBLAST} Confessions of a Teenage Witch ! ! !

Commercial Break: Inferno (1980)

By acclaimed director Dario Argento, this is a story that takes every turn you can imagine.  Following two sisters, one in Rome and the other in  New York, investigating a series of killings all linking to two covens of witches! From swimming with the dead to being tackled by dozens of black cats, we'd hate to be…Read more Commercial Break: Inferno (1980)