{MUSIC MINUTE} The Original “Stroll” circa. February 1958

  "The Stroll" was a slow rock n roll dance popular into the mid to late 1950s embraced by cool teens across America. Classic concept: boys on one side, girls on the other - the paired up couples then strut their stuff down the line. A precursor to the iconic Soul Train Line ... we…Read more {MUSIC MINUTE} The Original “Stroll” circa. February 1958

It’s Turkey Lurkey Time!

Have a blast this holiday season! + Feeling the spirit? Help us out with a donation on the right sidebar where it says DONATE šŸ™‚ Or check out our {SHOP} for some great finds! Use code XIXIXI and receive 25 % Off! + +NIL DISPUTANDUM DE GUSTIBUS+ + Until next time, {theEye} + Like usĀ onĀ FacebookĀ and…Read more It’s Turkey Lurkey Time!

{STYLE-WISE + MUSIC MINUTE} “Mambo” from West Side Story!

I've always been a huge fan of this film, not only for its modern take on a classic tale, and some superb, unmatched, out-of-this-world choreography from Jerome Robbins (who was fired from the film for his back breaking attention to detail), but msot of all it's amazing sense of style! Even almost 60 years later,…Read more {STYLE-WISE + MUSIC MINUTE} “Mambo” from West Side Story!