Maleficent has always been a character that has captured our imagination. Since childhood, the prima donna of Disney villains seemed to strike a creepy chord in a way that no other cartoon evil could. It could have been her sultry voice provided by the insatiably listenable Eleanor Audley (check her out in all her non-animated…Read more MALEFICENT, MALEFICENT, MALEFICENT!!!

GIRL, UNINTERRUPTED : A Look Back on Angelina Jolie

Earlier today, Angelina Jolie wrote a passionate letter to the New York Times which was published online revealing that the Academy Award winning actress had gone through a mastectomy in order to avoid the risk of breast cancer in her future. The letter is a bold and beautiful move that hopes to empower others to…Read more GIRL, UNINTERRUPTED : A Look Back on Angelina Jolie

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {September 18, 2012}

{Brad Pitt striking a pose with his F**KING Fight Club!} + ++ {The Eye of Faith} +++ + Similar Stories:

Vintage Red Carpet Romances: Brad Pitt + Gwyneth.

With the Academy Awards just later tonight, the world is buzzing to see the stars make their red carpet appearances. Jean Dujardin is sure to raise the bar on suaveness with his dapper European sensibilities, and everyone must be asking: WWRMW [What Will Rooney Mara Wear] ?!?! Unwittingly we are all excited for the arrival…Read more Vintage Red Carpet Romances: Brad Pitt + Gwyneth.