Fashion Feline. Vintage Vixen. Mystic Muse. We celebrate all the independent states of Kate, who turned 39 today! Amazing to see her beauty has not faded a bit since she first appeared on this iconic cover of THE FACE Magazine in 1990! In fact, it is her unique beauty that stood apart then, and still…

Music Minute: Johnny Angel (1962)

Shelley Fabares established herself on the charts in 1962 with her hit “Johnny Angel”. The American born singer/actress hung around the scene appearing in a string of shows, and even along side Elvis Presley in three different films! On this sunday morning we enjoy this harmonious tune of an angel who is oh so loved….

An American Ghost Story

Serving it up cold, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy. Please enjoy the morbid moods of Karen Elson, no to mention the pictures. Nothing like a good old fashioned ghost story to take you away from the day. Admit it! You like getting scared . . . Need to talk about it? Let us know! the Eye….