{MUSIC MINUTE} “Season of the Witch” x Lana Del Rey

Scorpio season has gotten us all feeling a little witchy don’t you find??? The veil between worlds is thin, and Scorpio calls for some deep transformation…what skin are you shedding?

While you ponder these thoughts…amuse your mind with this wicked video by MERMAID MOTEL who puts so much love and energy into splicing world cinema to banging grooves…every video on her channel is world class, but this one stood out today!

Please enjoy Donovan’s classic “Season of the Witch” performed by Lana Del Rey to the 2016 film “The Love Witch” (you would swear it was made in the 1960s…they got that campy Valley of the Dolls aesthetic on fleek!).

 When YOU look outside your window, what do YOU see??

We were actually lucky enough to see supermodel supreme Karen Elson perform this in Toronto a few years back…

Must be the season of the Witch!

Until next time,




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