Music Minute: “The Rockin’ Ghost” by The Modernaires

Happy Halloween! Well, we may be early, but we’ve been hearing laughter in the distance.  And … last night we woke up to disembodied voices and figures in the dark.  Okay, now we just got the mark of trinity slashed into our backs!! What the hell! This could only mean one thing.  We have a Ghost!

We bring you The Rockin’ Ghost by the Modernaires.  An American vocal group from the 1940s, who rolled with Glenn Miller and company through the 40s and 50s.  We can’t deny this get’s us feeling spooky days before Halloween!! Enjoy the flute!

{The Eye of Faith}
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  1. Fun track. I got to see these guys live with another big band leader Tex Beneke. Great track. Adds to my swingin’ autumn. Keep cool. 🙂


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