The Late Great Valentino: For Rent!

Tragedy came too soon, in the form of Rudolph Valentino’s death. Suffering from unexpected appendicitis and gastric ulcers, Valentino spoke optimistically to his doctors about his future, while the doctor’s knew the inevitable grim fate of the iconic actor. Passing away August 15 1926, at a young 31, hysteric female fan’s threw themselves off buildings, lusting to somehow be closer to their dearly departed Rudolph. A star remembered by name, but seldom by his film credits alone, Rudolph Valentino rose to stardom through the glory days of silent film. With his steely gaze, and exotic look, no other film star of the time could compare.

A stone’s throw away from the The Beverly Hills Hotel, Valentino’s estate stood strong after his passing. Owned at a time by tobacco heiress Doris Duke, who used the property as a stay over between commutes to her hawaiian property and a hollywood life, until her death in the home in 1996. Torn down and built back up, the home can now be rented for $1,000 a night to $14,000 monthly.

Maybe we could handle a night in the estate… but we’d be tempted to bust out the Ouija board and conjure up the spirit of the film great. Would you want to stay at this house??

The Eye


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